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Koolmill are an expanding, diverse and international team made up of experienced senior staff, non-executive directors and innovative driven engineers. As a growing SME company with a flat structure, we can adapt and pivot rapidly to respond to events and opportunities. We are led by...

Who are We?


Alec Anderson is the Managing Director, Founder, IP inventor and driving force behind the innovative Koolmill Systems Limited. He is a BSc (Hons) accredited Mechanical Engineer and has gained vast amounts of experience working globally with Shell and Foseco Minsep plc.

He pioneered Koolmill’s technology, designing and developing the IP from inception through to the finalised product. His experiences include, and are not limited to, negotiating funding, managing IP, conducting joint ventures, and meeting sustainable development goals.

His experience and expertise have been recognised in many different formats: Status of Foreign Expert in Economics and Technology by the Chinese Government; Senior Industrial Fellow in the School of Business and Social Science at Aston University; Exemplar of the Manufacturer TOP100; A Goldman Sachs 10KSB graduate IMechE Food and Drink Committee Member; STEM Ambassador, using personal experiences to encourage young people into STEM careers



Koolmill is led by a an extremely skilled, innovative, gender and culturally diverse Senior Team. 



" Flexible hours and team work are what makes Koolmill a great place to work for me. Personal development training keeps us a strong and united team." 

Dan Zhao, Senior Systems Engineer

" Over the years, Koolmill has given me the opportunity to expand my knowledge to lead Koolmill engineering product development and system management worldwide."

Abhishek Mishra, Senior Mechanical Engineer



Koolmill is driven by a group of experienced and enthusiastic MEng qualified graduates. They all possess a strong desire to positively impact the world and leave their own personal, innovative mark on a globally significant industry. 


Koolmill is closely advised  by an extremely knowledgeable, varied and skilled Board of Advisors. They have developed a wealth of experience regarding digitization, manufacturing and operational excellence while occupying senior roles at global companies such as Buhler, BMW and BAE Systems . Their excellence will help to propel Koolmill towards becoming a Top 10 Supplier of Rice Processing Machinery Globally. 

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