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Koolmill is working to deploy an Augmented Reality (AR) solution to facilitate remote collaboration and commissioning of SME mills, overcoming travel restrictions imposed by COVID-19.


Utilisation of the Microsoft’s HoloLens2 AR headset connects machine operators on the ground with a remote expert who can assist with troubleshooting in real time. Operators have access to a wealth of knowledge, experience, and real-time IoT dashboards while remaining handsfree, increasing first-time fix rate and reducing machine downtime.

Koolmill has been developing immersive AR work instructions from existing CAD assets. These will take individuals step by step through commonly occurring processes in the commissioning and routine maintenance of the F1-Series machine. The HoloLens2 ensures enhanced knowledge retention and guarantees safe and efficient procedures.

This creates a highly skilled, informed workforce that can remotely monitor and maintain a growing global machine base. The rollout of this technology reaffirms Koolmill’s reputation as a forward-thinking technology and manufacturing company.


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