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Koolmill successfully completed a £1.1m project with academic and rural industry partners in Punjab, India. Modern high performance, low power, low loss rice milling has been made accessible to rural SME millers. The disruptive Koolmill milling technology was validated by InnovateUK, the Indian Government’s Department of Biotechnology, and industrial and academic partners.

Field trials later proved the commercial viability of the Koolmill processing technology in rural India. The success of the trials has resulted in the conversion of our milling partner from a low-value government contract mill with milling revenues of £3k per year, to a modern, high performance mill capable of milling Basmati with the potential of generating revenues up to £360k per year


New rice-milling solutions could give a boost to SME mills – The New Economy

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Executive Director NABI visited Rajdhani Rice Mills Samana to Koolmill rice milling technology

Punjab Agricultural University Koolmill Poster

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