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To transform an antiquated and wasteful global industry that feeds 3.5 billion people daily, move it to a sustainable future and lift millions from food and fuel poverty.


To make modern high performance, low power rice milling available to all millers regardless of size, gender or location alleviating both economic and food poverty, while growing a £100 million business.


Today, rice is an antiquated and wasteful global industry that feeds 3.5 billion people daily. For these people, rice is literally life. By 2050 this will be 6 billion people and rice production will have to increase by 70% to meet demand. Rice is the largest legal cash crop globally. Millions of families are dependent on rice for food and income. Annually, due to poor, inefficient processing 60 million tonnes of rice will not make it from farm to fork resulting in an annual triple bottom line loss of £93 BILLION.

Koolmill is a for profit company that is interested in generating mutually beneficial value, redistributing wealth in what is currently a distorted rice value chain.

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£24 Billion



£10 Billion


£59 Billion

At Koolmill, we promise to deliver....

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More Food, at a

Higher Quality....


Our disruptive technology offers a single pass milling operation, with no supporting equipment, 90% power savings and zero net broken (damaged) rice.

This reduction in damaged rice would save the equivalent of 60 million tonnes of paddy annually. This would feed 300 million people in Asia, or 1.2 billion people in Africa for a year

... With Less Environmental Impact...


Annual global potential power savings when using Koolmill’s milling system compared to traditional methods: Water:  167 trillion litres

Power: 11.8bn kWh

CO2:    9.3 Million Tonnes

Koolmill works with partners globally to create additional value, by avoiding waste and utilising every part of the rice plant.

...Whilst Creating

Shared Value


By shortening and rebalancing the rice value chain and empowering SME millers, value is created and retained locally.

Growing a £100 million business in the next 5 years through a unique ‘Machinery as a Service’ programme.

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