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Penny Morton - Young Pioneer, The Manufacturer Top 100 List 2020

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Penny Morton, an inspiring young engineering graduate from the University of Glasgow, was recently nominated and selected as Young Pioneer on the Manufacturer Top 100 List 2020. As mentioned at the award ceremony, Penny is a typical TOP100 candidate: perhaps “in your mind you did nothing special, it is the team around you that deserve the credit” but not everyone can inspire and drive these teams, that is why you are special. Without you these teams would not exist or, if they did exist, would not achieve.

“My drive is engineering a better future. I have been incredibly lucky to find a company that shares my passion of using innovative technologies to bring about positive and sustainable change. As a project engineer at Koolmill Systems, a world leader in delivering a modern sustainable approach to cereal milling, I am contributing to their vision of transforming a globally significant industry into one which has a sustainable future and can lift millions from poverty.” - Penny Morton

Well done Penny!


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