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New Team Member - Michael O'Donnell

Meet Michael, a highly motivated and determined design engineer. Michael will initially start work on the Augmented Reality Support Project whilst also supporting with the design and maintenance of machinery, creating engineering drawings and compiling a bill of materials.

“Working for Koolmill has allowed me to combine my passions of design, sustainability and collaboration. Systematic change is not brought about by one individual; it happens due collaboration across continents combined with innovative lateral thinking. While at University, I designed, manufactured, and sold sustainable and functional eco-wallets that were made with a new material that is composed of pineapple leaves, a repurposed waste product of the pineapple harvest. Although this was on a small scale, it was a statement that we must look for alternatives to plastics and animal-based products in the world we live in. We cannot act like we have infinite resources in a finite world. Products must be remade, repurposed and reused in any way possible. Koolmill recognise this and currently meet 16 out of the 17 sustainable development goals. It is a privilege to work for a company which I align with morally and ethically.”

Michael and fellow Koolmill employee Alex Duff have recently founded an exciting new start up named 3D Glasgow. They have designed, manufactured, and taken to market an innovative, plant-based Glasgow themed chess set. Along with this, the company also provide a 3D modelling and custom 3D print service based in the Southside of Glasgow.

In his free time Michael is an avid football player, having played competitively in successful teams all his life. Michael has a desire to learn about other people and cultures to expand his horizons. With a particular interest in Japanese history and culture he undertook a 10-week course in Japanese lessons while at university. He also runs a Glasgow based food blog with his partner.

Welcome to the Koolmill Team!


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