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New Team Member - Alex Duff

Meet Alex Duff, the second graduate to join the Koolmill Team. Alex is a highly motivated and determined design engineer and will be filling the role of Product Development Engineer. Alex will initially start work on the Augmented Reality Support Project whilst also supporting with the digitalisation of the Koolmill F1 Series Machine.

Alex recently graduated with a first-class honours degree in MEng Product Design Engineering – awarded jointly by the Glasgow School of Art and the University of Glasgow. The combined learning at both institutions has provided Alex with a wide repertoire of skills that will be extremely valuable for the Koolmill graduate team. Considerable knowledge of leading engineering principles as well as a creative and user centred design approach to solving problems allow Alex to tackle any problem in an efficient, methodical way.

Alex will be primed to help Koolmill produce their Augmented Reality Support system having designed an augmented reality app and 3D-printed wristband that would guide men with Down’s syndrome through the shaving process – helping to ensure independence and inclusivity for all.

"My passion is engineering a better world for the future. Increased efficiency and sustainability should be at the core of every process going forward, no matter what sector. Globally, we need to start making more, by using less. Koolmill allows me to put this into practice - by developing innovative rice processing systems that deliver more food with less input (raw rice paddy, electricity, land, water etc)."

In his free time Alex is a keen footballer and also enjoys training in the gym. Notably, since graduating Alex and a fellow graduate have worked extremely hard to take bring one of Alex’s design projects into reality. They have designed, manufactured, and taken to market an innovative, plant-based, 3D printed, Glasgow themed chess set. Along with this, the company also provide a 3D modelling and custom 3D print service based in the Southside of Glasgow.

Welcome to the Koolmill Team!


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