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Koolmill - Top 10 IP100 League Result

Koolmill is delighted to have made No. 10 for Patents and TOP 50 overall

Q and Metis Partners have revealed the top company in the first Clydesdale and

Yorkshire Banks IP League Table to be a pioneer of consumer digital audio equipment.

Data Conversion Systems has taken the top place in Britain's first ever intellectual property (IP) league.The company, which has been refining digital-to-analogue conversion for 25 years, displayed exceptional IP management techniques and it has implemented strong IP-led processes which are designed to build value for shareholders.

Just behind DCS was Edinburgh-based LUX Assure, which researches, develops and markets technologies to solve real-life problems in the oil and gas industry.

The IP League Table is a new ranking of companies based on rating their strength and track record in exploiting their IP assets.

Entrants underwent an assessment of data linked to five key IP asset classes: brand and reputation, critical databases, software, patents and trade secrets.

It highlights the ability of firms to protect and manage IP as an asset, and can provide a business with a competitive advantage thereby increasing the overall business valuation.

Stephen Robertson, director and founder of Metis Partners, the award winning IP advisory firm, said: "Managing IP and recognising it as one of a business’s core assets is becoming increasingly important and both lenders and investors already recognise its significance in underpinning a robust and scalable business model.

"Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks, headline sponsors of the IP League Table, recognise the value of IP and have been lending to IP-rich businesses for many years.

Bryan Hoare, managing director of BQ who co-founded the IP league table, said: “Quite simply the IP League Table aims to assist SME’s across the UK to realise the true potential and value of their intellectual property.

“By entering the league companies will be able to raise their profile and gain greater recognition for their IP which will in turn have a positive impact on their business. We’d like to thank Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks as well as associate sponsors Murgitroyd for their support to date.”


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