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Koolmill - Changing The Way The World is Fed

Today, rice is a wasteful antiquated global industry that feeds 3.5 billion people. By 2050 this will be 6 billion people and rice production will need to increase by 70% to meet this demand. Annually, 750 million tonnes of paddy (raw rice) is harvested. Each year 60 million tonnes are lost from Field to Fork. 180 million tonnes of what’s left is damaged during processing, reducing its value.

- Koolmill has pioneered a global solution to this $127 billion annual rice loss -

Why us? we believe that Koolmill technology will change the way the world is fed.

Vision: to transform an antiquated and wasteful global industry that feeds 3.5 billion daily, move it to a sustainable future and lift millions from food and fuel poverty.

How will we deliver? our unique Rice Milling as a Service (RMaaS) Business Model.

Our pay-as-you-mill business model makes state of the art cereal processing technology available, affordable, and accessible to all millers regardless of gender, size, or location.

What do we do? Koolmill has pioneered a disruptive cereal processing technology.

Primarily for rice, the offer is accessible simpler mills, power savings of >80%, less food loss, and a higher value, higher quality end-product. Koolmill improves profitability whilst reducing the environmental impact of rice globally. All current machines do something mechanically to the rice.: Koolmill treats the rice as a fluid, we do something gently with it.

Impact: Some 90% by volume of the $4 billion of machinery supplied to the rice industry by 2024 will be old style horizontal machines. These machines were largely retired by large modern mills in the 1980’s. More than 1.5 million SME mills have, until now, been excluded by cost, infrastructure, and capacity, from accessing modern vertical milling solutions.

Off-grid, localised milling options will disrupt the established rice value chain creating and retaining value in local communities. Notwithstanding the environmental impact, Koolmill’s low power, low loss, and accessible cold milling technology will have a measurable impact on GDP at a macro level and improve lives at a personal level. In Asia, the paddy lost each year would feed 300 million people for a year; in Africa, it would be 1.2 billion people.

Excellence: Koolmill IP is Patented Internationally and has received awards in the UK, USA, and China. Globally, Koolmill is collaborating with key strategic partners to create shared value. In the UK, East End Foods plc is the milling partner, KMF the manufacturing partner, Siemens the technology partner and the National Centre for Excellence in Food Engineering at Sheffield Hallam is the academic partner. Koolmill is also working with academic and commercial partners in India, China, Turkey, Greece, and Cambodia.

Delivery: Bringing together a unique blend of experience, expertise, and capacity to create shared value. Equitably distributing that shared value between the stakeholders in a shortened and rebalanced value chain, retaining much of that shared value in local communities, and taking advantage of an exceptional opportunity, will rapidly build a highly profitable and truly global business that has a positive economic, solcial and environmental impact.

Status: The F1-Series machine is milling brown basmati to white in a single pass with zero net broken rice, at less than 5kWh per tonne milled and an effective capacity of 900kg per machine per hour. The best of the current multi-pass mills also effectively mills at 900kg per machine per hour but with 6% net broken rice and at circa 50kWh per tonne milled.


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