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Koolmill and BBN Nexus

Koolmill is happy and excited to be working with the management and consultancy agency BBN Nexus. They specialise in Renewal and Transformational Change within Manufacturing organisations large and small and are working to help us realise our goal of being a Top 10 Supplier of Rice Processing Machinery by 2028.

"BBN Nexus proud to be supporting Koolmill profit-with-purpose mission and scale-up of NEXTGEN digital Cereal Milling; affordable distributed #riceprocessing empowering SME’s to increase profitability from a simpler, low-power processing solution reducing food loss.

Supported by Innovate UK, the Dept of Biotechnology (India) and Ministry of Science and Technology (China), Koolmill #collaboration with 40 organisations in 7 countries. Now operational at pilot mills in the UK and India, Koolmill’s disruptive technology can be scaled to meet the needs of all processors reg

ardless of size, gender or location; the same high performance market leading outcome, regardless of capacity.

Koolmill means more food from existing harvests and less damage. Contributing to #sustainabledevelopmentgoals Koolmill moves the rice industry towards #zerohunger and #netzero by creating, retaining, and sharing value in local communities to rapidly grow a global business.

Based at the National Centre of Excellence for Food Engineering (NCEFE), NCEFE and Koolmill are establishing a global centre of excellence for Cereal processing, Aston University is supporting a novel Machinery as a Service Business Model. #ukmfg

Koolmill Systems Limited now actively seeking late stage growth investment #benicetorice"


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