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Global Food - Waste Not, Want Not

Dr Tim Fox, Head of Energy & Environment, IMechE report Global Food - Waste Not, Want Not highlights the unsustainable loss and waste in the Global Food Chain. The excerpt below is specific to rice, these figures are truly shocking and presents great opportunity for improvement.

Today Koolmill technology can make a significant contribution to reducing these losses.

"In less-developed countries, such as those of sub-Saharan Africa and South-East Asia, wastage tends to occur primarily at the farmer-producer end of the supply chain. Inefficient harvesting, inadequate local transportation and poor infrastructure mean that produce is frequently handled inappropriately and stored under unsuitable farm site conditions.

As the development level of a country increases, so the food loss problem generally moves further up the supply chain with deficiencies in regional and national infrastructure having the largest impact. In South-East Asian countries for example, losses of rice can range from 37% to 80% of total production depending on development stage, which amounts to total wastage in the region of about 180 million tonnes annually.

In China, a country experiencing rapid development, the rice loss figure is about 45%, whereas in less-developed Vietnam, rice losses between the field and the table can amount to 80% of production."


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