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25 November 2015

Koolmill founding Directors Alec and Fiona Anderson are honoured to be named as exemplars in the 2015 TOP100 compiled by The Manufacturer

IP100 League

12 November 2015

Koolmill placed at number 10 for patents and in the top 50 overall in the BQ IP100 League.

Visiting Industrial Fellow

3 June 2015

Koolmill MD, Alec Anderson, is delighted to have been awarded a Visting Industrial Fellowship at Aston Business School.

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Koolmill MD Alec Anderson interview

Alec talks to Economic Development Zone staff about doing business and living in Quzhou, China from a Western perspective.

Best in Class Milling Solution

Koolmill technology leads the world in delivering a modern low power simplified and sustainable approach to cereal milling. Our vision is to transform a globally significant industry, move it to a sustainable future and lift millions from poverty.

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Many people live daily with food and fuel poverty and for 3.3 billion people, rice is life. Traditional rice milling is both wasteful and power hungry. Koolmill has developed a truly innovative milling process, a radical superefficient displacement technology that will make a positive impact on the lives of many.

Koolmill is a step change that delivers powers savings of 80% and maximises the return of food from a valuable resource by avoiding wasted rice and power. The low power simpler Koolmill process brings, for the first time, potentially zero emission state of the art milling to all millers regardless of size and location.

Koolmill is a UK company, based in Solihull, and has pioneered the development of a globally significant technology. Having identified a clear need for a new technological approach to cereal milling Koolmill has, against great odds, successfully delivered a technology that is set to transform the cereal industry globally.

In terms of product quality and power per tonne milled Koolmill technology outperforms all traditional milling equipment. The technology is flexible and scalable and as Koolmill technology is adopted globally the ultra-low power will move rice milling to a more sustainable future and help governments meet their Carbon reduction targets. Koolmill technology has received awards in China and is licensed and independently verified in China where the many competitive benefits that Koolmill technology delivers are actively recognised and supported.

Koolmill technology leads the world in the production of healthy Germ retaining rice and the delivery of a simplified sustainable approach to cereal milling. Koolmill addresses the real challenges faced by millers today, not those of hundreds of years ago. To change the embedded culture of an entire industry is a significant challenge and Koolmill is working with our partners to challenge the established norms and achieve this change. The MD Alec Anderson is recognised as a Foreign Expert and is part of the Chinese Governments Recruitment Program of Global Experts.

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